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STG - Statues

A fun and easy-to-grasp game that encourages good footwork and evasion skills. This is a good warm up game to use before teaching young players contact skills for the first time, but should always be followed by an upper-body warm up as well.

Video Subtitles

All right, guys, we're gonna play Statues. Okay. So if I was a Bull carrier always have the ball into hands if I tag someone like that. All right, they have to stand there feet together hands on heads. They know it's a statue. All right, there's gonna be three taggers. free ball Tigers wait there three ball tigers and once they get everyone into a statue only time you see how long it takes and then I'm going to walk around again. All right, so free statue deliver as 1-2-3. Everyone's get some space. All right got to stay this side of me. Stay this side of me ready steady. Go statue. Good footwork kid guys statue string words together ball carriers. Troy what's Kevin will carry his statue quickly as keep moving. Statue keep moving and some people left here. Statue good good footwork there guys. Come on ball carriers. Let's team up. Let's team up ball carriers. One person left ready getting getting getting Okay, stop there. Stop there 50 seconds 50 seconds balls into me.