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2 v 1 Passing

Adding a live defender helps to encourage players to hold their depth in support, so a good pass can be completed.

Video Subtitles

okay, how did that right because this is not contact. This is just too I'm a tackler. Okay, because if I was as an adult or teacher, we're not allowed to do any contact but there's no contact us with bag. So as a coach or teacher I can come in here as a dummy tackler. Okay, we do the same thing. Where's the ball starting? Same thing except I'm the tackler rather than the bag ready go pass good. Nice, so unlucky targets out. Okay. Right. How come you couldn't pass there? Because why why did he have to make a forward pass because yeah, but why why did he have? Why couldn't he pass? Normally. What was the supporting Runner doing? That's the portion Runner was was he deeper was he flat right? So where should we run deep? Okay, everyone understand what deep means? Okay, right. So Bertie and you come you're not trying to contact anybody the dummy Runner. Okay, let's go. Nice. Turnaround, Bertie. Let's go. Next one. Stay deep. Stay deep good. Turnaround, Bertie. Come on. Where are you? Where are you? Really? Good? Depth, let's go. excellent