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Fun Catching Games

There's often down time before a training session where you can't help butthrow a ball around. Why not try out these fun games that will work your core skills as well. They work great as a gentle introduction to a session to switch players on.

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Cab rights away molyneux outruns the Dummy Line and Evans. Is there sweating? So put a fun again guys enjoying himself, but we are working on our hands. So reaction reaction speed and and generally look at catching the ball because it's such a key part of the game. So the focus is on getting the hand position right before we catch the ball so we don't have to shuffle. So again installing that good habits into the boys while we stat again and having a bit of fun as well. 20 seconds, no pressure clone get somebody to move Howie. Two one the train is much higher temperature than you would get school the club level. They really test you. So they always get the best out of you, which is really good.