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Expert - Conor o Shea - what is the role of a scrum half

Conor O Shea disucsses what a scrum half is responsible for

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The plan around and you try again you kind of think again what sort of style put it to harlequins team what sort of scrum-half to we want. We want someone who can play with speed and play with temple once someone who's going to be quick on the ball quick with the ball and be looking to take risks if Danny cares and here we have Carl Dixon who you'll be my top five six grams in England, but he fits what we're about competitive. Well, I say annoying in the very nice way because that's what God's going house have to be they have to have the ability to be almost this cocksure themselves. And you know for a five foot eight bloke to tell a six foot ten blog to take a jump and do something for him. You have to have a certain personality and they do so I don't think the role has changed but I agree with you in terms of selection. Some teams will go for a passing scrum-half others will go for a break in scrum have other will go for a game controlling scrum-half and fix the team that you have and the players you have.