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Coach the Scrum Half Pass

This clip outlines some of the fundamental techniques required to become a good passer of the ball from the ground, an essential skill for scrum half's. Simple and easy instructions for both coaches and players to benefit from

Video Subtitles

I just want to say a few passes before I try and change or have a look at your technique at all. Yeah, I'm Rory Hazelton I go to Whitgift school. Off you go. Nice Great pass. Okay, we go to the other hand now. Excellent. Okay, just from those six six passes three of each and there you've obviously got excellent technique, have you done much work before? Brilliant. You got very good technique. One thing I'd say, I don't know whether it's because the distance not but as you pass you stop okay, if you want to really get some zip a bit more power and also along a path follow through so as you make that pass now.I want the hands there but I also want you to take a step through towards me.So we have three points there. We had the back foot close to the ball. Okay, so we've got nice wide stance the front foot facing towards the fly-half key things that your foot and your toes are pointing towards a 10 just to open up that channel between the legs there. If it isn't pointing towards 10, you're going to be passing around there over that front knee which tends to lift the ball up and take it behind them. And the third one the specially for this young lad. We just had their is staying low and following through towards your target. much better good. Okay, hit the target out in front. Excellent, Other hand. Okay, and again same again then that's it follow through stay low. Good pass , sorry I wasnt looking at you there. Excellent much better. Would you think your body height as you make the pass? Yeah, so I used to have a similar problem. You're fairly tall for a scrum half aren't you, same with me. So as you're passing, I know you're trying to step through but you're coming up and stepping and stopping. Okay really think is if I'm going to fire that ball away and I'm going off to my target. Okay nice and low. So I want you to take two steps now instead of one. And also when you stay low imagine there's a bar here and you got to carry on through under the bar. much better good Good boy, lovely. Excellent. If I call a color you just go around that color and we're really looking at your feet here. Okay, front foot obviously toes pointing towards the target if your toes here, okay, you have to go around your knee and it goes up or behind so really open out that target there and third thing the main thing for you, I think because your footwork is good to staying low. So as you driveway on you stay low, so I'm just going to call a color loads of coaches helping you out and just pick picking up on things which necessary but some coaches wouldn't pick up on so similar to a game situation. We got to hear different calls coming in and you got to do your job at the same time. So we'll go Blue. It's a quick feet get in position. Stay low. Nice, okay white so stay low follow through to me lovely pass we'll do a set now as if you're digging out of right now, I know ideally if possible you zip it straight off the floor. There's a lot of times in games. There's bodies lying on the ball other team slowing it down. So now we need to pick the furthest ball pull out and pass you just come in one step back from the rut. It's got a quick movement pull back and then pass I will need to stay low though and still follow through to me blue so pull out. lovely White Good zip on the process. Stay low red. Pull out stay low pull out stay low good boy good set. So you have a tendency there to bring the ball out and then bring the arms down as we go to pass now. Obviously that takes a little bit longer if you get it back here drawn Zipit straight from your hips to your high front elbow. That's a key thing. You were having a straight run and rolling out there if you can pull back and keep that elbow high and zip it from the hip just speeds up this a little bit more and it will give you a flat apart repetition repetition. And obviously there's only so much you can do on your own. I know but try and bring in a competitive environment makes such a difference. So doing that Under Pressure digging it out from underneath the pad while someone's coming through on you anything just to speed up that process but repetitions key.