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Grip Games - Ball Retention

This great game helps you work on your ball transfer and fend. It teaches players how to keep the ball away from contact increasing ball retention on the pitch!

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Ten points of contact right? So we have what does that mean? We're not doing Palm. So pressing our fingertips into the ball. Okay, Kelly W. Okay fingers across the seams and in front of sternum. Okay, so we're just going to do it in pairs. So just 10 points of contact Kylie WS fingers wellö across the seams not no longer seems the case. I think it's pointing down and we just got we're not going to move our feet or hips which can have a little grip battle and James much stronger than me now. So he wins I think we're trying to do is show them because this all underpins a lot you're passing your ball carrying and actually we tend to find is like lot of boys carry under the armpit like this and it just means that I'm got as much control of the ball and actually then it becomes really hard to move the ball away in contact to be able to offload and actually enables them to catch passes. Obviously, that's all quite static. So what we would do is so the three wasp he's pick up. Ball each so three wasp is pick up a bull each. Remember the grip work we were doing yeah, you remember you've just got to move around those step outside this Square. You can use anything you need to do spin step. Whatever you want my job your job hold the ball is still a good lad if you try and knock the ball out the hands. Yeah when you get all the balls down there out and when you as soon as you lose a ball if you lose a ball, then you become you go and receive so you can then start passing the ball around that make sense. Yeah. What we do is we have time it. So who can keep ball in play for longest. You ready? Okay, wait three or I don't go to one go go stay in the Box. I was just that yeah, he's just making it competitive. So actually they've got to do as a group work. And actually what you can do is start introducing surfboard down they are okay boys as 11 seconds. Okay. Let's give you swap over this give you another go. Okay, three two one go then what we can do is start talking about how we use our footwork and moving the ball away. You could even if you wanted to progress it may be starting to grate in offend when you start losing the balls. They should start passing it around so you encourage them a pass the ball around and you're looking at keeping the ball alive in contact. So it's just little things like that pretty simple, but they work really well. What could the attack these slightly differently or better? Yeah. Did we use a fender? We do we find space between us and the defender. No, it's so we're going to look at the ball Carrie. Okay. So what I would like Jamie come here, please okay, and just working on the ball transfer So Jamie, what I'd like you to do is just move the ball to one side suppress it the press the boy into us and you serious stuff. Okay, and then take your left shoulder to his to his left shoulder. Okay, my friend no, no, no, sorry, his left hand his left shoulder. Okay fend and then back to two and then take press the ball into your hands and badge and then take your right hand to his right shoulder. Okay, so we go from 2 hands 2 1 hands to two hands. Okay. So all I want you to do is just knock out maybe three or feet side and Inlet and then swap over. Okay. It doesn't need to you know, push him away properly just tap tap through K try and make it quick. Okay. Stop that we said you fancy another guy was B's. Okay. Let's see if we can be better. Let's go. Okay when you're ready, boys, let's go. Your car is not contact. You can trip you just got smashed the ball out of his hands. Let's go. Oh so that actually he's grips quite good as well. So fair play to him. Such good boys move the ball then if we can just keep the ball moving so you keep hold of it. Just look after the ball. Look after the ball move the ball five space in between you five space between you and the defender. Okay. Stop that.