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England Players - Make sessions fun

Ben Youngs and Lee Mears describe what they think are the essential ingredients that make up a fun and productive rugby session. Both were taking part in an England Rugby coaching challenge with schoolchildren in the build up to the 2012 Six Nations.

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I think some of the test your skill, I think if you're tested as a kid, you know all the way through if it's something that sort of you know, you've got to work out. It's always quite good. But also where you get into enjoyment and new and you're getting sort of stuff out of it you scoring tries. It makes you feel good. Definitely. I think you know, one of the key things is guys just playing with the ball and having fun because that's what they want to do want to touch it. Secondly, it's just constant encouragement from the coach, you know, so if they're always being encouraged that makes them enjoy it's going to make them come back the next week to play again and it's just about encouraging players to keep playing rugby and not to stop when I get to 16 17 going to University and give it up is to keep going so, you know, amateur clubs, you know is packed full of second team first teams and thirties.