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Learning to grubber Kick

A series of technical exercises and games to coach the grubber kick. The coach is clear in his explanations and uses questioning with his players to reinforce the key points. The games include some fun moments

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Okay, first of all a worm grub kick July, when would you use it? Generally? All right, so you got no sweeper lines flat in your first year and you can just angle it in behind Okay important parts about the execution of it Perry mean one. Yep. Okay knee over the ball. Kick it into the floor. Okay, really? Good. All right. What part of the ball are we kicking if you hold the ball up right towards the top. Yep. Okay. So without demonstrations anything just go away with your partner and just work between halfway and 10 meters to start with place. It was was this ball? Okay accuracy Perry, please gents halfway to 10 meter, please. Okay, that's good George. Nice. It's good. All you want you to do now is try and judge the pace and the number of bounces you want to point the ball. So if I'm going to say to you by 2 and I can get it to bounce twice before it kicks up to July. That's a point to me. So I'm going to say to all right. One-nil to me how many one? Okay. All right easy 3 are you caught it before the line? You got to let it bounce before the lie. All right off you go. Don't know creepy front of the line see where it bounces in front of the line and whatever. Where do you think your body weight needs to be as you kicking the ball good over it. What are a lot of you doing at the moment? Exactly. So let's get out of leaning back. Let's lean forward. And so when you've actually kicked it should be almost chasing the ball. Okay, drop back to the 22 now, please and still same game right off you go. Football halfway to 5 meter like we've got two five meter like right no blocking of kicks. Okay, and you cannot run more than two or three steps with the ball. We're playing a cross guys scoring in the 5-meter line at the end. All right. So did you buy your team is playing that way play? Good good, same thing spatial awareness K nose holes. Good. Go pause play on Good. Awesome. Nice nudge for say I'll give you that one nil. Well done some really good group kicks there. Just you got to remember though that whenever you are executing anything technical, you've got to get all the parts. Right just like July then when he went to do that is falling away and doing that right? That's when it goes wrong. So just really focus. What am I trying to do? Brain engages bang another process through the process and result good.