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Three player passing challenge

A simple passing game that is fun and competitive. You can add more players in and vary the distance to make this harder or easier. Different balls could be used as well. Dad's can do this at home as a fun game

Video Subtitles

What about the passes? Where do I pass this? Yeah, I'll just sit. Here we go. It's another go. We need to say anything. Yeah, I want to say it's going to be no time in here we go. You too, so we've got that fast fast. We've got that fast. What's the next one? So I should be saying right three times. So we thinking yeah, it's right left three times. Right? Right. Yeah. So keep talking right? That's good. Let's try a shot at all. I taught Ya, that's all right. It's that time in so let's do it at the same sort of pace which writes the same called. We got our time in. Here we go then okay. So when it's one of the key things when we playing will be what we need to do to talk to each other Creak. Oh right, you can get this one. Well, Okay. So what do we need born on the floor there? What we're doing we catch what do we do when we catch what we're doing the catching a ball? What do you need to help you out with? Catch Target? Exactly. So your hands down at their what? Yeah. Give me a nice toy. That's the first thing if I'm if I'm working with Jojo and again the hard pass a lot pass pass. Yeah, so it's coming a bit closer Let's help each other out, which we're Team. Yeah. Okay. So let's try that soaks up. Let's talk. Here we go. No, it's went right. All right, let's go play. Right right left, right. He got three. All right. Okay Vaughn and will come round and we'll come around. Come on. Come on. We have a little competition time now. Okay, so you got on the way to for their so you went right through times on the fourth. I like the learning techniques by like in bet when we put those techniques into the competitions.