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Warm up with Games

Games are integral to all warm ups, players respond when active and engaged. Use progressions and only spend a few minutes on each activity

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When you ready play. Tenten press-ups greens Good Start good start the the game situational gamesense game understanding is really important and clearly that can only be done in game scenarios. I'll stretch have a stretch of a stretch. Okay, because this is a kicking session. Let's just get some really good leg swings get yourselves. Well warmed up there, please guys. What do you just like to tell me how the pictures changed Herschel? Yeah, well why we'll still playing in here. Good press-ups driven by okay spike in leg swings good hamstrings adductors. Okay. Okay hip flexors. Everything nicely warmed stand still don't move. Don't move guys. What did we say? We will try to work on with this space. Right? So other looks and still George, please thanks. Just look where you are. Now in relation to what we've got available and where the ball is. Okay. Can we just start focusing on one or two key areas, so you actually think about getting to the space and make yourself available? Okay again, press UPS. Good well done. Press-ups pass good good. Well done. Come on you blacks to be really positive with players, but in being positive that means you don't turn a blind eye to poor technique or poor execution. You have a good eye to help and develop the players all the time.