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Have some fun at home with some challenges passing games

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Okay now a little bit closer together. Let's see if both of you can do it.Nearly there though nearly there. This is called clap catch. She must clap the ball before you catch it off we go pass Don't go to one-hand, go to one knee. Okay ready? And only if you miss ready go. No clap , down to one knee. Up you getUp you get This exercise. It's got the man in the middle working the head of the pyramid, the head of the triangle calls there. You got to give good passes, Bertie. Okay, Sasha. Just don't be in front of him. Don't be in front. Okay, ready off we go. A really good exercise for hand-eye coordination. Lots of thinking, little bit of what we call chaos The person that keeps the tempo will be the dad or elder brother. Okay Sasha's turn. Really good, really good,really impressed with that. Bertie no forward passes Sasha can't give a forward pass. Okay, Let's see how Sasha gets onThis exercise you can go outside because we're currently obviously inside you can go outside and do this spin passing depth Etc. Really good exercise, ready? Same thing. What We'renow going to progress to spin passes. Let's g. Sasha what was your favorite? The one where you just doing that a minute ago where you are passing behind Okay, Angus and why do you think you like that one? And you have to find the height of the, yes. So do you think that was one of the most difficult things to try and do and that's why you probably like it.