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Quins - Sharing & learning new ideas

The Harlequins academy manager reinforces sharing ideas and how this is the basis for learning and understanding best practise

Video Transcription

I think being able to watch other coaches coach and pick the things that you like and the things that you don't like and use the bits that you like and park the bits that you don't and you know, I think that's the best way to learn to be honest. You know, we going to watch any coach with the be the England coach or or Club coaches, you know, the junior Club kilos pick up new things and you'll think oh, well, I like that, you know, I like the way that that's happening. I'll use that in a different game or a different way or tweak it this way and that's how we develop things and move things forward and how you develop yourself individually as well. Ideally. Yes, you want best practice out there. You want best practice specifically for your coaches who were who are coaching every the Junior League of the G or the schools of rugby or that sort of thing or the clubs at on the schools that pushed the players through to harlequins the end of Day, and we want those doing best practice as often as possible. Everyone has a different idea of best practice, but hopefully we're hopefully somewhere near it with what we do at Quinn's but things evolved and things will change all the time.