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Skills at home - Learning to spin pass

Learning to spin pass is one of the first things young players want to do, it takes hours of practice and older / elite players continue practising throughout their careers. This video shows some simple exercises to do at home

Video Transcription

Cliff Harrison, Thomas. So here we've taken away. The lower half of the body. So the boy that's sitting down there could be on a chair on a bench has now got to use his wrist. So practice the push pass. Okay now Angus Bertie move back a little bit going else, but trying to pin pass now that from the S. Absolutely so the spin pass we're trying to spin from in between your legs. spin off both hands Here's an exercise that you can do at home on the floor on the couch practicing your spin passing. Hands, okay where our hands pushing on the book. So as we start our hands on the ends in the middle split. Well we split so we're on Ian's away. Yes, but what's it tweeting glass? All our songs are pretty much in line. So if we were to push all spin together, then I hands just slightly split then it allows us to feel really comfortable on the ball. So we're not here. So we're not trying to make it spin holding the ends but we are doing is it just rolls off our hands and we God Suspending the spin pass here is making the player uses wrists. Okay, how did that the restart? Once I get less the plane.