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Home skills - Wall passing

Practising skills on your own can be tedious but using a wall to improve your passing can present some interesting challenges

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For this exercise. You just need a wall and a ball in yourself. It's about hand-eye coordination. And if you can you can actually hit the rugby ball at the right angle against the wall so that it comes back down in. progression on this Angus turn and face me Now hit the wall and catch the ball. So what's this about when you pass it to the wall, you got to get the angle at the ball hits the wall. This is a real challenge bit closer or well done. So if you get a bit closer you make it easier. I'm all right, keep going. You'll get there. You'll work it out. At a start this this would be a lot easier if it was done with the football or a net ball around or would be very good for something like this. Okay next question. So the now that can pass the ball, it's hand-eye coordination. They have to react to be on their toes on your toes. Good back again. Just the angle Bertie. Yeah, you got all that going to hit the ball at the right angle. It's a little bit like a cricket practice. But some schools and coaches clubs use can do it the rugby ball good hand-eye coordination again. This can be done with the football or tennis ball.