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How coaches learn - John Neal

Performance psychologist John Neal explores the importance of curiosity for effective coaching.

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Let's look at these world-class face. It's now a little bit more depth. The first one we talked about is curiosity curiosity for me. Is that the fundamental depth of a coach? It's what enables the coach to learn a move on if we stop being curious as a coach and we stop asking questions and we start having a Fascination in the process of achieving success. We stop learning and if as a coach with stopped learning and looking for new ways, how's that going to affect our players primarily the coach's role is to constantly Challenge and look for more effective and better ways of doing things. So as a coach how curious are you? What books have you read lately what people have you spoken to have you stepped outside of your own coaching environment to speak to other coaches from different environments and through your curiosity asked what they are doing that you could take from and apply to your own coaching as soon as you stop being curious. Is your dead in the water?