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Improve Skills at Home

It's a great idea for players of all ages and abilities to practice their skills at home. Putting in the extra hours outside of training makes a huge difference back on the pitch. There are a large number of ideas for training at home, including position-specific skills, on Join now to see them all.

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For any player or any developing player if he's got the support at home that that obviously helps I think players should be encouraged. The boys should be encouraged to look at what they're doing. I also think they should be encouraged to play other sports as well. If you want to improve and get your skill set up there. It's you know, I think it's widely recognizes 10,000 hours have got to go in before you can Master any skill. I think even just a tennis ball against the wall and reaction drills or whatever it is, you know, just just doing things which are fun. So if you work that out is 10,000 hours, if you can invest in young players if they can really invest their time in the back Garden, you know in the bedroom in the hallway or what have you if they can you're always working on their skills, which kids love to do anyway, because it's fun and then that's just going to set them up for a great. You turn the gang at whatever level just repetition repetition. And obviously there's only so much you can do on your own. I know but try and bring in a competitive environment makes such a difference. So doing that Under Pressure digging it out from underneath the pad while someone's coming through on you anything just to speed up that process but repetitions key and maybe a club situation where you know, you can turn up a little bit earlier and get your kicking in I would say before and after sessions and it also makes a lot easier if you're doing it with someone from a similar position to catch the balls and and saves you chasing around the picture all day, but before and after sessions at home getting up to a local pitch at all weekends anytime you can get it in is just crucial you can never stop learning is all about working. You passing skills. You're handling skills getting out in the garden throwing the ball against the wall. You don't need someone to do that with you can practice on your own and looking at resources looking at the internet looking at we gonna take on handbooks with all the rubber skills the sessions in there. So it's a constant learning period and whilst we give Stan our experiences to them they've got to buy into a little bit and do extras at home and on the road.