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Stay Positive at Training

Win or lose, it's important to focus on the positives to maintain confidence in your players and a productive training environment.

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You play to have fun and you play to enjoy ultimately though. I think it is a performing team is brought by a Clear Vision a clear identity and style of the way you want to play and then driving values within that group that make people want to work hard for each other and there's very little separates teams. Other than the great proponent of hard work. If I felt that we had guys coming along and the end it's tough. But if they're not coming along and having fun in training, and being challenged in training. Why are they played confidence? I think it's possibly the one of the most important elements of high levels of performance because we can do the training we can put ideas into people's head. But as we've mentioned when pressure kicks in things change and the best players are likely to perform at a high level if they are confident if they feel good about themselves as a captain is it's you know, it's interesting one really because the coaches are trying to put a game plan together and trying to organize the guys but you know, you don't want them consistently on the boys cases all the time. So one of the key things that coach has to do is create an environment where people feel confident and there are many ways to make people feel confident. First of all is clearly understanding what the coach wants of you anything difficult anything more challenging anything easier. Trying to get you you speed up trying to get the concentration on not just waiting for something to happen. Trying to get up the in the space and be able to react to it. Then it's the way in which we create the environment about that player that makes them feel good about themselves and one key thing to think about is the way in which we give feedback particularly on the positive. The interesting thing is that if we constantly give feedback on what they're not doing well their confidence tends to drop their self-esteem goes down with it. And as a result, the things are actually good at they tend to drop as well. I'd like you to think in a slightly different way when you give them feedback when you're giving coaching try to identify the positive try and look for those things. They really good at and get them even better at those things. Good lyrics good option after all you probably picked them for what they're good at not for what they're not so good at so if you pick them for what they're good at coach them and get them even better at those things. My role is a place is to judge judge the atmosphere judge the the situation the guys do they need a trivia long. Do they? You know, what's the move the camp have we had a big win have had a big loss. It's about