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Why Review

Whether your season was a success or otherwise, it is important to review and reflect, in order to plan for the future. Use RCD tools to upload and review your club's footage. Share this with your whole club and plan your coaching philosophy and coaching plans for the new season.

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Holiday to review at the end of the year because that's one of those where they're at. And I think as plays you always looking for feedback and always looking for knowledge always want to try and be better. Yeah, keep always we should be able to six plays. We should easily be able fill this space. We've got here. Yeah, let's go wide again to keep your with kiwis Bundy Bundy. Look your spacing. So the Leslie to focus the end of the season. I think it's good to kill the positives on the table. And then look at that. I said you were constantly negatives you work on is and how you're going to progress in whatever aspects that we feel you need to and what it what's more important is where does the plastic they can improve? So we've already started planning our fall season for next year from a quality point of view. I think Nikki's you'd probably you'll always have sort of a preseason you'd want to have a sort of Target setting the reviews probably come for us a cottage april-may time. And but I think plan in advance is massively crucial but you've got to be able to adapt obviously injuries players might believe in coaches and might get different opportunities. So just having a framework in place that allows you to sort of start to hone in your coaching focuses and what you want to Target for the players if we if we shared more with in a ruby context, I think everyone would probably get a little bit better because of it when the son of the top end it's it's pretty difficult because you're competing that of top end against each other but pretty much every other level of the game. I was a big argument to say we should share more of our ideas with each other to try and give those players the best opportunity of being the best I can be. So the to voters is sort of what we've done. Well how we're going to pay that forward next year. Why is the stuff that we weren't doing so well as a team been evident and you know, I'd probably say we've been just trying too hard to be good at everything. We put need to reform what we do. So probably more individualized especially the higher you go up because you know everyone so self-driven it's about channeling channeling that energy to being successful all the team coaches will always come up with new ideas. They'll see things that are sort of trendy on TV almost which one replicate and emulate what what teams have though what teams are doing especially teams at the top. What are they being successful? How do we then translate that? The 7Up that this is the kids you don't do it all at once and pre-seasons really good time because the focus is on the your core skill stuff. So you've got quite a lot of time to sort of put a lot of detail on because when you get into season game on gave it becomes very awkward to change a lot of things. So yeah you I think the coaches always experiment and it should always be trying to implement them pretty pre-seasons a really good time for that and I think you can learn off every sort of Coach because they one coaching style is different not every coach and not every player. Sorry. I reacted often the same coach. So it's good to have a various wiser knowledge of how different coaches Deliver us a set session so person like me because I went from having sex. I mean, I know all it's good to learn off different coaches of all different abilities, so they're going to have to do Bit of footwork a bit of Movement try and open up some space to get the ball. Yeah. It's it's a different game than we play but it's fun for them. And then we can show them the basics of what's to come with a lifting where this helps is actually to see cultures see that what we're doing here is they can replicate at their cause we players from under under sevens right through to senior because all we're doing is creating games that are based on our current ability of our players. Yeah night well-drawn well-drawn show well-drawn you go. Nice park nice and constraints within our games that are suitable to this level of player. So all you could do with a different ability of player or different experience of player. He's just managed to rules differently in order to get the same outcome.