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Winning is for the Parents

The hot topic! who is winning for, some of the games leading coaches provide their view

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I think winning is important in sport in general because we play to win. I think the important thing is where the emphasis is put I think kids play because their nature their in the enjoy having fun with each other. I think quite a lot of time the emphasis is put on by external influences to solve maybe big up the winning side of it. When actually if you look at the Players long-term development winning doesn't really become that important to lower it in when the in competitive leagues was actually prizes to be won. I mean, you've got to go through the long term development stages with the player and when the starter which added or that's when it becomes really important when the younger it's about developing and learning and enjoying you got getting their faces you let them know that you're there don't hold back. You're not going to let him walk all over you like you did last time. I yeah, Madonna see you messing about. Come on, get in his face son Joe Joe switch on son. Obviously. This is quite a Hot Topic and I've read I've read a lot of or markers read a lot of things to me about competition and It seems that the from the studies the competition seems to come from the coaches or the desire to win comes from the cultures and comes from the from the parents. I think the kids just want to go out there and enjoy what they're doing. Yeah, there is kids that are more competitive than others, but I think the enjoyment is the biggest thing that kids can get out. I will be and the camaraderie of it in the make Pals in and generally that the Pulsar life to be honest that age it's about enjoyment. I think it's a place where you can play and make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. When the game ended I just want to go home that was getting on with the referent coach. It was so embarrassing Matthew and his double looking as like weird that is always on at me about my game and how I've got to improve but I just like playing I want it to be fun. I don't care where I play. We run a development program here that is supported by a competitive program winning is not important in terms of their development. It is a part of it in that they have to learn in game since game understanding if we want boys to be able to move up to the senior Squad they have to be able to do that. But at the early stage is definitely not winning is not important to us know. Good Archie, well moved. Gone Gone Rory Conroy Oh some great some great attacking play some really good attacking play you play to have fun and you play to enjoy so unless you're see on the back here. So I'm going to put myself in the hole, but you play to run so, you know the the mall in and the scrimmaging would be probably one of the last things that I'd go far because I just like to have the ball and running but fundamentals the whole way up as have fun, but I would start the whole way through even to this if I felt that we had guys coming along and the Ed it's tough, but if they're not coming along and having fun in training I've been challenged in training. Why are they playing?