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Attacking Ability at 13

Outside centres who have great attacking awareness and distribution skills are integral to teams who like to exploit quick ball by going wide. If these players are only able to run hard lines, then there are going to be missed opportunities out wide. Here, we highlight some great passing and attack play in the Premiership, as well as some ideas for you to use with your players.

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Young working this time. It's our sharks who yield the bull JJ Jonathan Joseph hands off one Watson trying to get inside him to two former London Irish players almost combining to threaten that sail line again. Pick him up pick him up lovely pool bench. Oh, that's too too good tries. You got five left three good tries one handy touch. We're just looking now chapter just a just a really focusing on our finish our free be too so, you know what, we just worked on within the within the games there when we get opportunities to pick off those three vetoes. So in this little square here, we're going to have plenty of opportunities with mismatches three attackers in the middle two Defenders two Defenders two Defenders two Defenders. Okay, you guys in the middle of always going to be attacking on the outside of the squares. Once you score a try you then back into the square and we attack a different side of the square makes sense Defenders on the outside. You can't go forward. You're just trying to defend your line here. Okay, so you guys are just defending the edge of the square. What if Seconds how many successful trials can you score in 45 seconds? We need a bit of urgency. So when you do score a try your back out, you're looking you're scanning and we're attacking against the against a different Corner. Okay straight away Max Pick Em Up pick em off lovely ball bench or less to to good tries. You got five left three good tries one handy touch. We give you that for tries in 45. Hope there stop there creating lots of mismatches within a square drill two Defenders on each side for attackers in the middle Penny of mismatches within within 45 seconds there how many trials can be score penetrating the outside and screwing over the line and you can see there the successful ones whether you know, you guys are really decisive with a ball and really attacking and trying to create some space trying to draw the defender to put somebody else in to a little bit of space there. Where's this place at? Where's the space? Good good. Damn. Now we go three parts one, two, three go. I'd finish it. If you can't if you can't catch and pass then the rest of the game doesn't really work. Anyway, yeah with him Jake get with him Jake. Good for work good for work face. We're going to push that ball. Yeah, we've got to get it out there. Okay, hold it why aren't we able to get the ball out to a third pass not deep enough what else? No, we're not actually trying to we're getting the ball with thing and all we're under a bit of pressure. I'm just going to tuck. This is where we have that opportunity to space on the outside if we get it there with score if someone took so we don't The scrub their from the visitors dude, they were daily off the van daele. Brilliant. What superb from wasps they have real quality?