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Managing the Referee

When it comes to senior rugby, managing the referee becomes a big part of the game. You can practice your discipline and execution of tackle and breakdown technique or competing for high ball, but it is also important to have players who can talk to referees in the correct manner.

Video Subtitles

It makes the tackle the clown the back to Yellow. If you land on the shoulders, it's a red. There's a the massive emphasis on you know on safety guards in the air kick got cars contesting kicks. Not much tolerance for any feet on players. Any any dangerous play really I think to two players here on for for a ball if any doubt whatsoever. You're not going for the ball, then it's a penalty. If not not more ruling had I think it was really changed but the interpretation and the application of the rule but that door comes back down to safety again. It's human relationships in it the way you speak to the referee the time you choose to speak the referee if you keep challenging everything he says, you know bloody all that, you know, and that your body language and everything. You said just as a you don't respect him. Then you're not going to get on the right side of him. You know, if you pick your moment when there's a break in play, excuse me, sir. Do you think you could have a look at whatever then you're far more likely to get a positive response than if you sort of you know challenging challenging challenging. So there's that side of it on field off the field yet. We know certain referees have a partner feel if you like for the tackle area rolling away, you know City tackle you better get out of there because he's going to ping you others give you a little bit more license holding over the ball some soon as you get over the bottom referees a one-second whistle others, even one two, three a lot more of an opportunity for the different the attacking side to clear the rack. So you learn and the key is a simulated in training where possible. And then be make sure that your leadership group your captain you pack leader who ever able to talk to the referee sensibly if and when it but if it's a problem or ideally before it becomes a problem.