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Breakdown Tips!

Australia are dominating the breakdown. Coach Nathan Grey explains why the breakdown is so important and provides some tips

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You know that break down there's so many of them in a game. If you can gain some ascendancy at that part of the game. You're going to go a long way towards, you know towards winning because there's so many breakdowns in the game. If you can dominate that area. It's been known since day one that if you can dominate that break down area, you're going to go a long way towards winning. Just get up and I want you to come and put a bit of pressure on over the ball. Land on the ball then back on your feet and punch through. I want the guys to focus on a couple of thingsTheir tackle technique to make sure they're getting nice and close, really good shoulder contact and and a good squeeze on that tackle. Also what they're doing post tackle whether it's an attacking perspective with the ball carrier focusing on getting back to his feet quickly and then conversely from a defensive perspective getting the defender to actually get back to his feet. And then cause a nuisance at that break. Any drill that we do at training we want the player to be able to take that skill exactly what they're doing at training and transfer it into a game doing things simple things really well consistently was something that we really, you know, we really hammered this year with the Waratahs and and having a real clear understanding on how we wanted to play the game and then encouraging the guys to do that and backing ourselves to do that was was a big part of our success.