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Bulldog Touch

Starting with 8 v 2, attackers must find their way through to the other side of the pitch without being tagged. This can help to develop evasive running technique.

Video Subtitles

Okay, fellas 8 against to Bulldog. Are you ready off you go? okay to touch their stop we've got Did it did you not get him you did get him? Okay, so it's three only once the three of you ready? Okay off you go can work together for us. Types there. Okay come out if you were touched how many we got now two for five. Let's just think all right. How are you going to work? Most effectively together make a line. Yeah, just the gaps if they go around the outside. Okay, maybe but you don't you hold the middle and you can move to the left and right if you talk to each other let you do it. All right attackers. Okay, you know where you going? Okay. Oh, you've got a sweeper as well like it, okay. Are you ready off you go? I went out. Okay, look there's a winner give him a Round of Applause. Well done.