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New Rules of Play - Under 7s

The new rules of play are explained in simple terms and coaches from Saracens provide practical examples. All of your clubs under 7 coaches would benefit from this video clip

Video Subtitles

Look at in the sevens. They've got a big thing called a game coach. Okay, so we're getting away from having a coach behind a team coach behind a team referee in the middle. Okay, we've got one person whose game coaching both teams. You're not there as a referee you there to promote positivity involvement and actually enjoyment of the game but Run forward young man. Good well done two hands on the ball. Great. Try well done because it's for side now. Okay. They just want to make the pitch a little bit smaller twenty by twelve meters blue cone one. Try line orange cone over. Try line Sidelines the red cone there and the yellow cones over there. So twenty by twelve looking for a match. Okay tag match. Okay, so you're going to start the ball. How did you start in this game? Free pass? Okay, let's go, right. Good morning, fluids one for words. Run forward run forward stacked stop good run forward one forward to pass pass good run for it. As you can see. We've got a large pitch which could be split in force under seven pitches a game coach could if you wanted to manage all for and give the opportunity to parents you might want to try and get involved in rugby to actually game coach the games you as the get you as the actual overall coach could look over and offer advice actual technical development, but the game coach is there to promote positivity and actually talk to the kids and help them it isn't about referee and so it's not strict on rules. It's more about positive coaching points that they can actually learn from so it's given them the experience instead of just offering referee and rules bang bang bang. There's no no cons now and On the seventh thing about kid if he catches the ball knocked it on and then loses that ball then next time he goes to catch that boy is going to be nervous. He's going to be, you know, hesitant to catch that ball. Where's if it's dropped it who cares carry on let's play possum boilerplate. And play on plan. Two hands on the ball two hands pass it try that. Well done. I think especially the under sevens changing it to for side. I think kids are going to get more touches on the ball. If a kid gets more touches on the ball, they can improve their going to be better players in the end past run forward. Into the space good try to say Well done in this game for people on the pitch. There's lots of touches and lots of kids getting involved. Okay, let's play the scope get up defend tag run forward and forwards run forward Let The Parson two hands on the ball. Finally got there. Well done for him for sounds like a good idea because certain looking them today. I think that's what they're playing and it seems to have a bit more space out there to move and run. So previously when it was a bigger team, it was pretty obvious that they were quite crowded on the pitch. So that's see it's a good idea then pass good play on play on, okay. You give it a try that with them sometimes try not to dive I'd say fell over there. That's why I was giving it. Okay, play the scope flat Lord. Good morning. Where's your support? Try it out well done. So as you can see during the game a lot of the children are touching the ball a lot more if there's a bigger picture more players on the pitch is going to be less touches sevens eights were still looking at a vision as the main main aspect of the Ruby Gate with that age. You're basically teaching them how to learn basic things while keeping enjoyment literally the biggest focus of the session with coaching. A lot of people will stick to rules regulations silencer for that. We're trying to promote positive rugby. So just get them involves much you can use constant praise and really pick on the positives if you can find something constructive then say it but make sure that you understands why whole pot hole. Play a game break it down into a drill then going to another game and hopefully they can see worked on in the drill and put it into that last game.