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Teaching minis to pass backwards - full session

Learning to pass backwards is fundamental to rugby newcomers. This session brings minis out of a game for a few minutes to focus on that key skill, before taking them back into the game. Note the emphasis on questioning, development and how feedback changes depending on the ability of the child.

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Do we pass forward backwards? So if we're going to pass backwards, what does the what does the supporting player have to do? The session was all about trying to improve the players passing and decision making Room behind you. Okay. So we're going to pretend in your pairs. Now we're going to pretend that this is a Defender. Okay, and you have to pass it to your partner before you get to this doing here we go. Okay. So on that line in your pairs walk forwards and as you get to about here look to pass and score the try there, please okay. Good. Okay. Well, where is Hari though? Was it Forward pass? Just maybe a little bit maybe a little bit. So what does he need to do? You tell me Finn? He needs to run after Ben. All right, so so run onto the ball. So Ben you start again. Yep good stuff. But okay, so we're just going to hold your run. OK I run on to it. Okay off you go go. Now lots of passports go out. Try fantastic. Everybody get know what we're doing Splendid when we've done it walk around the side pass the ball back to somebody you don't know but I like to like pretty much to work on the decision-making and when to know to look to pass where the spaces off you go good. Look at him God Scotch right next to next to let's go you're in front of him. Good stuff. Well realign next next to. Excellent score that try good stuff next to don't get in front of him. God brought as fast as you can before you get there. Come on guys, go go go go go go you're in front of him good stuff next to Fellows we need to go around the outside, please. Let's go back here and try again. If you go to bed and looking excellent fence same thing same thing. Let's go. good stuff Come on, we'll get the ball go off you go not wait until you get there off you go. Good stuff will next to pass the ball forwards if you haven't got one yet off you go next Gone. All right. Just stop there when you come out. I don't start when you pass it. I wanted to go and the past like that. Yeah off you go. Excellent. Don't stop don't stop. Why doesn't it want to stop everybody? When you could get sucked up solutely questions are really important. It's for me to understand that the the aims and the objectives and sort of the key factors that we're looking for are understood. If I'm telling them almost like a sat-nav and respect is that they'll get to the end do I know that they've got to the end because I've sat nabbed in there of I got got to the end and they've got to the End by questioning them. I can understand that they understand what the what the key factors are and what the what the principles are play that we were trying to work on. How can we help the pasta help by being behind him? What else? Running onto the ball. What else what you think? Well, well else we can we do no. No, how can you help him pass it to you. How about how about shouting to him? How about shouting to and how about getting those hands up? Okay, so to get your hands up. Okay, what I want you to do now is come out start walking out and then you keep behind him keep behind him a little bit. That's it. Clap when you want the ball. Okay watching that clock does it makes you feel like oh God. What was that? Clap do guys what you think then the person possible want to pause? All right, Ben and I going to show you okay is everybody watching fellows everybody watching? Okay, Ben get the ball. Good stuff right off we go bad go and there we go. Let's go. Back Scylla and that's fantastic. Go on you two. Okay, you guys let's go. Let's go. That's a lot better A lot more Dynamic. Now off we go get the ball to them next to let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go good next to you ready next to let's go keep running. Keep running keep running. This pass good pass. Excellent. You have to pass it after pass it. All right, folks. Let's come in. The game is meant to be an invasion game. We feel that the tag the pass is actually taken after the the tag is taken so he's actually trying to get them to pass before what would be in effect to tackle.