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Contact skills - Dad & siblings

A few fun exercises that many families have moved away from. Wrestling is great for experiencing contact

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I've been a wrestling bit of fun at home. You can use Brothers dad's but it's a precursor to a bit of contact work and Tackle technique, which has been used by a lot of the top clubs. So in this exercise Angus, I'd like you to get to your feet Bertie. You've got to stop him getting to his feet ready go. So your feet right? You can't tackle him. You're not allowed to tackle it well-done back ago, but you can put your pressure anywhere on him apart from his head. Ready 3 2 1 go. Quick up. Okay, Bertie your down Angus you're on top. Three two one go. Come on Bertie. Get up onto your feet Bertie move work work. Twist twist them work. Okay, so that's bigger brother using a bit more power. Okay, hold it. Okay, / you're over the top. You've got to stop him getting up be ready 3 2 1 go. Doug onto your feet, / come on sash get up. Can't tackle well done. So here we are dead on the floor bit of fun here bit of wrestling dad's got ten seconds to get up to his feet. Ready 3 2 1 go Hold the ball tight hold it tight. Okay Sash on your knees. You're going to try and wrestle the ball and guess you can't twist around. You just have to hang on to it sash you can do anything. You want to without poking him obviously to get the ball out of it. Okay. We're ready 3 2 1 get the ball. Yes, well done. Ready 3 2 1 go great work Sasha. Fantastic. Excellent. Really? Good go. Good. Okay, excellent. Right. Let's bring that in a bit of fun here. But a bit of wrestling you've got to try and get the ball. You've got ten seconds to get the ball. Ready 3 2 1 go. Two-one-zero right dad's the winner there. Well done. Dad. So what were your what's your favorite exercise? What was the favorite thing you like doing there the wrestling so the wrestling was your favorite?