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Functional Movement Warm Up Part 2

Every player should be able to perform these movements well! Mastering these will carry over to preventing injuries, managing collisions and maximising power and speed. Check out the related videos for part 1.

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Good, next crawl pattern you're going to do gents. So You're going to move sideways so in that position again right hand over left hand over right hand under and just walking across. Go. All the way up. Yeah. So again, what we're looking to do here is do as much crawling in terms of shoulder robustness. The more crawling exercises you can do, research suggests there's loads more activation around that shoulder blades, which is really really important stabilizing the shoulders also develops that upper body strength and a really simple way for the lads who are already getting a blow on already. So what you're going to do keep jogging around there when I say chest you're going to jump onto the floor. So you're going to do going to down when I shout bounce you're gonna get up nice and high. So keep jogging around. Chest Bounce, Chest Too slow, get up. Chest Bounce. Right gents come in here so you can see the demonstration. Alright, so today little bit of wrestling so what you're going to do is going to kneel down nice to meet you. Alright. So what you're going to do is one man's going to go underneath? Make sure you're watching guys. One hand goes underneath nice and strong there, one hand goes over the top and all its going to do. I'm going to try and go in the opposite direction on my other hand. So my right hands underneath. I'm trying to go left my left and because his hands underneath your son to go. You're right. So he's big andstrong? So he's going to throw me to the floor. This is your moment of Glory go big lovely good. All right, sounds good idea. So pair up.Just sit out big man, it's fine. Just come here so we can see you come here. Don't be shy don't be shy come here so they can all see you good. Don't worry. I got something special for you. Anyway, right so chest-to-chest. Make sure your hips are nice and close good. What do not do anything until I say, okay, so I'm Link up underneath one arm pit.want to make sure I hips to hips, shoulders to shoulders. Remember you're trying to go in the opposite direction. So you're trying to throw him that way you were throwing that way clear the right here underneath so you throwing them that way you're throwing that way.Keep your hips together reallykey to get them to keep the hips together. Otherwise what it's doing is exposing that knee joint and that's where your ACLS doing all sorts of funny things. Okay. So hip to hip. Three, two, one Back up in the contact. Go again. Not the hips. Three, two one go. Get him over good one more. Here we go. Here we go. Get 3 2 1 go get them over that again them over going to move it lovely good. Can we just bring it in nice and close. Because you know me, I don't like to shout right as a real Whistle Stop tour. I'd have loved loads more time to do some stuff, but hopefully you've got some ideas there. Even if it's just takingaway get the kids crawling for shoulder protection. If you look at all the research, that's what's coming out the more time kids spend crawling around because they don't do it as one and two and three-year-olds massively massively reduces shoulder injuries when it comes to contact sport particularly wrestling. And rugby also get the kids learning how to go and multiple directions but yet forwards sideways back Etc. And anything you want to see on the field of play. You've got to do it in practice. You're not can physically conditioned them. So they're able to do it come game day.