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Paul Gustard - The Benefits of using Video

Paul Gustard highlights how watching video footage of matches and training can help players and coaches to develop.

Video Subtitles

Split picture speaks a thousand words is that there's lots of different ways people learn. It could be a visual could be through through somebody speaking. It could be writing whichever way is that you learn best just another tool for culture for a player to develop obviously if you can see yourself making a mistake if you can highlight to a play so that they could have done better and try to talk them through it. Did you see the space? Did you see the threat did you see the opportunity to do see what could have happened? So on so forth might be able to pick up certain Trends through again through to goes through three games. We can actually give them two or three sets of clips and say look, it's smoking a little better here or you're doing a spot on will it move aside, please?