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Planning your session & set up

Spending a few minutes to set up will improve the quality of your session considerably. Mixing games and breakout drills keeps the training fresh and interesting while the progressions you use reinforce the skills you are teaching

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It's a setup. I've come here. It's taken me 10 15 minutes to set this up what you see behind me is I've got a pitch. This is we're going to come into our games and then we've got some stations here where we'll do some handling also do some contact work and some people may have heard of what's called whole part whole approach or cut whole part whole coaching and the whole pot hole is the whole is the game. So you start with the game and if the three or four minutes you come straight out of the game back into a drill or an exercise, which is where you do the part in the skills skills for three or four minutes back into a game for 3 or 4 minutes back into skills for three or four minutes and you can continue that through the whole session. It makes it short and sharp the coach makes sure he uses progressions. So there's some progressions into the skills and there's then progressions into the game for the guards will learn that's the simple approach of whole part whole so all these things we do outside of here and drills and moves. Putting them into game practice with conditions that the coaches can set. Okay, it's good for colors white blue yellow and red in that grid. Okay. So what I want to do is to try its rugby netball, you can run anywhere pass anywhere. You got to get 15 passes its two-handed touch. If you can get two handed touch on the guy with a ball. Okay, you canceled out what they're trying to do is you're going to try get 15 passes anywhere within the grid. Okay, but you can't run with the ball. All right off we go. It's the turnovers as a touch. Six six one two, three, four, five one, two, three. One, two, three slight change the rules. You can now run with the ball. Okay, ready go. one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten a collateral can go straight from this game into an exercise over we come in threes three between these cones these poles through down there three behind. Okay, how do that and now we'll move straight over into a simple game? Hey the back clear the back. thunder rolling So a nice hole that's better. Nice good. Okay, that's good. Okay, we've run 90 seconds of that will go straight over to another game for two or three minutes. Just just a point there on using bibs personally from a coaching perspective. I prefer a bigger contrast between colors. So if anyone's purchasing bibs for the next season try and get really bright horrible nasty colors one thing no one wants to steal a bit if they're bright and nasty and the other thing it makes it really easier to identify people when you're coaching going to work on our distribution are passing. So we're going to start with some simple games back at the skills back into games back at the skills and will gradually progress for the next half an hour 40 minutes on that.