Rugby Coaching Drills Video Library

STG - Rugby Rounders

A fun an active way of integrating rugby's core skills into another familiar game.

Video Subtitles

You've got to get round 1 2 3 back into home base. All right, so that's for before the other team get the ball and make three passes. So be one point if you get all the way around, all right, and if the other team get three passes inside of me at me you on the same team we go. One two, three. All right, then that person will be out if they didn't get around in time. No, it can't stop any basis. All right, so I'm ready. Let's get ready to in the field then none bibs. All right numbers. If you're not batting. Can you stand on the on the on the sidelines please for instance space? Alright is everybody getting some space, please? Ready? Yeah, so I'll pass you the ball you throw it into some space. Okay. Ready? Let's go. Let's go. One two can't pass by the same person. One two, okay, that's one point in there. You can't pass by the same person. I should have told you that before heads. All right. Yeah, let's move guys if you want to get to your phone and get free passing fast move towards the ball more people. There are the more passes and go off. Yeah ready? Let's go. Let's go move towards ball who's gonna get there. Who else is going to be there? One two, okay, he was in that's too new to nil. Gotta get closer. Ready? Let's go. One two three. Yay. He's out of to new okay.