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The Lineout Game - Lifting

When introducing lifting, consider the suitability of the players for each role. It may be that a small, light player now takes up a key role in jumping and catching while the bigger players, who may have previously jumped are best suited to lifting at this stage in development
When introducing lifting to young players, always side on caution and use spotters to assist in the initial learning stages. This will develop confidence and competence

Always be aware of fatigue and do not over work the players even if progress is slow

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The support players are introduced and work with a jumper to allow for horizontal movement whilst maintaining the ability to support when necessary. This is a practice which is relevant to line out at all age groups. The players are encouraged to communicate with each other to maximize success allowing them to be in the right place at the right time. Having gone through the key techniques the players practice support techniques with each other without the added pressure of the jumper. The coach observes the actions and Compares with the template after the players have had a few goes the coach intervenes with one or two key points here. The pair on the left are their arms too wide and the coach steps in. A paddle back and then be introduced to further improve and develop technique the coach continues to observe and compare against the template to progress further the dumper and support players are brought together to ensure safety develop confidence to additional support players or spotters are used. As technique improves and confidence grows the contribution of the spotter decreases until they become unnecessary. The prayers continue to practice and the coach continues to observe analyze the gangster template and feedback here the coach observes that the front player is too far away from a jumper and there's a consequences arms are bent the coach takes action and fault, correct with the Claire. What are the player Works to improve his technique and while it's not perfect some improvement has been made.