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Warm-up with Games and Handling (Rugby ready)

A rugby ready style warm up with games and handling as they focus prior to moving on to more technical skills. The game centres around the teams trying to make 10 passes

Video Subtitles

Most coaches would use some games to get started in a warm-up keep the players active very quickly. Just get them running around with some decision making using a different ball in this example here. We've actually used a small football and then a rugby balls used so lots of different games just to keep them active. The coach here is used some clear bibs to make sure that the teams are very easily identified. But the players is also marked out and Cones on the outside so that they're not using a whole pitch with a limited area. supplies break out to do some dynamic stretches different stretches are used for different muscle groups. Here the players imitate having a ball as an upper body movements. It's a bit of fun as well. The player calls which way he's going to present the ball back into some games this time. It's a more of a structured gain the condition touch. Here the coach is playing any direction touch. So you can alter the try line. So any given time the coach can instruct the players to go for a different. Try line makes the place thinking make decisions. Here the players moved on to some technical passing skills nice and easy gentle. It's about quality not quantity. Added pressures then put on with faster movement across with one player chasing the ball which then progresses to the exercise repeating. The runner becomes the scrum-half the scrum-half becomes the runner. This is about speed of transition of the ball. Finally the coach moves onto some switching where the players have to make decisions and change their angles of running. This is the final part of the warm-up and the players can then move on to specific skills and games.