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Make Your Warm Ups Competitive

Add a competitive element to your warm ups to engage your players and mentally prepare them for the session.

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Today, I think you should get in the right mindset before the session starts. What were guilty of losses and slow starts in matches the transition from training to matches I think is a big thing. And the reason we've changed that is for that particular reason to make them switch on straight from the outset and maintain that consistency right throughout the session. Well, Ruby Ruby is a game of competition and you've got to want to beat the opposition and I think the more you can bring that into the games in the warm-ups then the better like and if we can get that from day one first minute of the first session then Happy Days, I mean if there wasn't a Competitive Edge, then I'll say 99% of the players out. There will definitely get bored yet. When you look at what we what we're trying to do, we're trying to physically develop them and build them. We're also trying to mentally develop them as well. And I think actually the for me the mental side of the game is massive and especially at the higher end of the game where the pressure becomes more and so these guys are having Make decisions that are challenging decisions with less time under more pressure. But visual be auditory be it physical so they they have to be able to replicate this and they have to be able to see what it looks like in training. So any opportunity that we can put an element of competition and a little bit of fight into into what it is that we're doing. I think it probably without them knowing it a little bit of reverse psychology. They're kind of they're competing. They're competing they're competing and so that builds standards not just physically but it builds standards mentally as well.