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Harlequins - What Coaches Look For

What is it that elite coaches look for in players

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The fundamentals of the game will never change its catch its kick. It's past its doing your Basics and if you can do your Basics and the simple things when I always find it funny you go along and who The Benchmark at the All Blacks you go along to watch a training session and the All Blacks training and people go. Oh, we'll just a simple this is what we do. They're catching their passing you go that is all it is and young players get bored doing the basics if they focused on doing the basics that have no problems in any level of the game. We develop individual skills more than anything at at harlequins. We don't play that many games to be honest as a Junior Academy. So the schools of rugby and the elite Player Development Group. We don't play that many games. We do enter a few are a few tournaments under 15 and going into the under-16 and then under 18, but prior to that it's all about individual development. It's the Core skills so, you know passing catching decision making as much as possible. Just having that rugby sense, but more more about Dick sterics dexterity and being comfortable on the ball. Really you can you see it. What we're looking for is good athletes who have great and hand-eye coordination and then we can build into that the Sarabi sense stuff along the way. Good. Good. Good. Good run to it. Come on, too many Paces Brandon. Come on. No, come on. Keep going forward Focus your passes better than that. Nice. Been good. Good. Good good. Come on, certainly with our EP DG group. I'll say look we're looking for Perfection and Perfection is hitting the target 10 out of 10, you know at Full Tilt and being able to transfer the ball through and hit the next Target 10 Outta 10 now that is what we're looking for when we're doing purposeful practice like that. The focus is going to be there straight away. Okay. It shouldn't need me to say right. I'm going to threaten your by send you around the post. Whatever you threaten yourself. You test yourself. Yeah put pressure on yourself to make sure you doing it as best. You can every time we do it right no excuses. I would rather hope it'll be the boys not the parents that were that were focusing on their their skillset parents. Obviously, we want them to encourage But we don't want them to push so much there are behaviors and values that these guys will live by in terms of how they go about their work every day. And that's what you want players new to a club to buy into in terms of recruiting. The type of player are more importantly for us is certainly bringing players up through we want to see players who will actually fit that profile.