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Crazy fitness drills

Keeping fitness & conditioning exercises fun and fresh is very challenging as coaches want to ensure these drills are tough and get the players fit. This clip highlights when fitness work should be done and shows some weird and wonderful examples to improve fitness & strength at the breakdown

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Pre season sets you up, sets you up in terms of, especially in the Premiership for example, you know, you have 33, 36 37 games. It's not super 15. This is your chance to get the conditioning block and the rugby work done to last you a season because it is one heck of a hard slog when you get into it, week in week out, you're as good as your next game. And if you take your eye off to next game you will lose but you have to have the base behind you to last you to the end of May. Was The games hasn't changed, the physicality has changed. So that's key for the modern game. What's the most common question? I'm asked as a sports psychologist. It's really simple. How do I motivate my players not all about how much you know, but it's all about all about how efficiently and effectively you can improve players and I think that's the role of a coach. It's not about the coaches career and ambitions and all the rest that I think it's about, if you understand the core reason for you doing this is to help improve other people and I think you'll go too far wrong