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Approach to Basics

The academy approach to learning skills is to focus on the finer techniques and not move on too quickly until the players are competent at each component. This ensure quality and accuracy and ensures standards are met when the skill is put under pressure

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These boys have done quite a bit of kicking beforehand. So we would break it down and awful lot and just repeat the basics Time After Time. Today's session. I went through four different kicks as probably another two or three type of kick that we could have done. But if I was just doing a an introductory session for Junie players, I would stick to one kick for several weeks several sessions to really hone the basics of that before moving on to something else. You've got to bear in mind that they are young and that enjoyment factor is really important to keep them in the game as well. The the game situational game sends game understanding is really important and clearly that can only be done in game scenarios. And then when there's a part of it that isn't quite functioning the way you want. You just stop it ask them how it could maybe be better then address that with a little practice one-on-ones in twos or whatever and then put it back into the game. So yeah whole part all is A big part of the way, I coach reiterate important points about the grub. Kick John Lee over the ball. Good luck little body weight. Good Perry just one. Okay look. Yeah, okay, whereabouts in relation to your body if the middle is here. Yep. Okay, just off to the side. Okay George's house. Yep. Did we say about where we strike the ball right towards the top of that ball. Yeah and head over the ball all the time really good. Well, don't go. Where do you think your body weight needs to be as you kicking the ball good over it. What are a lot of you doing at the moment? Exactly. So let's get out of leaning back. Let's lean forward. And so when you've actually kicked it should be almost chasing the ball. Okay, drop back to the 22 now, please and still same game.