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2-man Tackle and Decision-making

This practice develops communication in a three v three game format

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Practice 21 progresses the two-man tackle into a more realistic game situation. This is a 3 vs 3 exercise with all players and Tackle suits. The first attacker feeds the middle attacker who attacks the space Defenders must make a two-man tackle and prevent the attacker from offloading the ball. So Lambo just feed him your the meat go looking for the sandwich. Go go go go working working working. You got an off-road in well could offload. OK we stop driving through with the legs missed the tackle you worked hard, but get that arms to stop the ball getting away. That's why we're working to men tackles. Go for the meat. Good. Good good. Yes work on the ball. Well done. We still could have driven that back there. Couldn't we leg Drive was poor what a lock them back. So these attackers are out the game. Let's go. Girl, Coco Coco Coco, excellent brilliant. Well done fellas tacklers must remember that two-man tackle technique and communicate one going low and one high driving their legs through the tackle and preventing the offload. Okay attack, you got to come up fellas going to come up. Let's go Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak and heads o Lambo. Good Pace. We didn't wrap up. Did we in this example the tackling nearest the ball goes low the support tackler goes high but cannot get to the ball and the offload is made the tackle on nearest. The ball should tackle High grip tightly and wrap it up. Talking scope of the ball good well done. Okay. Let's go attack in there hype GoGo drive drive drive drive drive good. Well done attackers should run at space aiming to offload the ball Defenders make a two-man tackle with the man nearest the ball going high and wrapping it up players should drive through the tackle and compete for the ball on the floor.