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Tackling 20 - 2-man Tackle

Tackling 20 - 2 man Tackle

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Be technique for the two-man or double tackle. A single suited attacker faces to suited Defenders the attacker carries the ball and two hands and runs at the gap between the Defenders The Defenders make the tackle together. What's the fundamental point about this then communication? And one low one high? I could be high and then low it could be low and then High what are we looking to do with our arms and legs? Leg drive driving through working together whilst One Stop in the flow. The other one is working the ball back. Okay? Okay little bit more action fellas. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Good, good, good. Well done, and again one more come from this side talk. Let's attack this approach it. Let's go good good through well done. The key to this exercise is for Defenders to communicate want to tackle low around the legs and one to tackle High attacking the ball. The attacker should run in from different angles. Let's go. Well drive drive drive good. Okay, we need to get more leg driving the pair of us. Okay more leg Drive. Okay stroke good drive drive drive drive grow. That's a super tackle super legwork a little high, but good legwork couple more. Now. If the good ones caught us approaches go drive drive drive drive drive drive stay on your feet Chaz good in summary. Defenders must communicate. One must go low and the other high who goes low depends on where the attacker strikes from together. They should drive their legs through the tackle the player going high must attack the ball to prevent the offload staying on his feet and contesting the ball on the ground.