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Good Practice - Segment 2

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Try is good. Nice. Try like that. Good movement. You got to help them get the ball. Come on guys. Got to use this bowl use the bow use it greens have got it. Is it coming? The wind's coming? Is it coming? Okay, both loose the balls loose. Hold on good support. Good support guys Henry. Nice break Alex right in the shoulder. That's we need to be good Green's we just go and so I just start let's get your certificate started. Yeah, try and trying to gather it. Who's cold it? Try and straighten up Henry. I was all right. I'll let it go is marginal. Good to good taplin glow. Okay. So right now no hands. It's a rock. Good pass that like that go on. Yes. Go on ahead Tamal. No guys. What's happening greens have got greens have got attack inside Bowl Okay, let's go Crouch nicely touch set. Let's go Bowlin. Hope they had unlucky spinning as a bit messy. Let's do it. Once more. Here we go reset guys nice and quick nice and quick nice and quickly. Here we go. Let's go good stuff Crouch touch set nice and straight balling please up. That's fine balls out bowls out.