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Lineout Tips from London Irish Forwards

London Irish forwards talk through some of the elements that make an effective lineout, and how you can prepare for a match.

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I personally like to know my role in the lineups and inside out so that I don't have to think about it on a game. But I know there's other guys like to take a sheet into the change room have it pinned above their Peg or whatever and have going over it last minute before they go out that's their way of making sure they're a hundred percent on it me personally, I don't like to do that because I like to have my knowledge and not mess with my state of mind just before the game. You gotta understand what lineups work for you with the guys in your team. You know, there's no good. Just choosing a line out and then applying the same thing and you get different guys coming in every week and you try and stick to the same system. It doesn't work. So you've got understand the strengths and weaknesses of the guys around you, you know, the team you're playing how they defend how they attack and what your backs want from you, you know where they want the ball or they want me to drive. A few different ones. I have a coach that light to get it down to the nines quick as possible. But I like in the moment just nice and accurate out to the night outside hand so we get the past straight away rather than that. It's just it's practice again. It's repetition, but I like not to bring it down. But just place it into the noise hand-sewing get out as quickly as possible. So if you're dry sit through you if you're that guy, it's best to set your weight down to bring the whole height of the wall down and it's just a much more effective more. So if you are that guy with the ball in your hands just to get it and then bring it's all on you during the hike down. So you can't come if you're coming out like this. Then you get guys that will come at you in here. And if the balls here then it's it's likely that got knocked out. So they were getting tight clothes and then bring it down. It's obviously a lot more to kill linearts just throwing the ball and it's just pure practice takes hours. And how's it going to be willing to put it in? Definitely. Yeah, there's there's loads of different ways you can do it is staying in front of her post and trying to hit that there's lying on a Swiss pool. Just throwing a ball up in the air just find a fine how you comfortable. Just keep doing it keep practicing every day.