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Tackle Technique in groups

Give players the opportunity to practice their tackling technique. In groups of five, one player in the middle has four tackle attempts. Make sure everyone has a go and the key points are repeated.

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Listening guys, we all know this drill. Okay, if we just look into just remind people that don't I'm the person and middle of the square. Okay, I'll throw the ball to one of my teammates on the outside why throw it there. He's gonna run to my left or right and I'm going to make the tackle make sure your feet are nice and close to his and what do we tackle with shoulders not our arms? Okay, not the sign of our bodies. Not a bum. Okay shoulder on and we have our cheek on his cheek his bum cheek. That is okay when we finish. All right. So we're on top of him nice and safe feeting close shoulder hits first and then what do we do with our arms? We're up rounds. Okay. Well the tackle technique I think everyone loves the contact side of sport when it comes to this age group, but they end up injuring themselves a lot the time so really the big things I was trying to get across that tackle drill was getting their feet close to the ball carrier. The first point of contact would be the shoulder and making sure there are very confident with that and then making sure it's the correct shoulder to where they were going to make the tackle service aside on tackle to the right side get the right foot in clothes and make the shoulder tackle on there and then end up with their cheek on their person the ball carries chicas whilst they're on top of the tackler and then usual things make sure the legs and the bombs work and as well as the shoulder so it isn't an arm and upper body struggle is actually the whole body making the tackle and just real key points really on that.