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Tackle Technique - Introduction

The introduction of tackling is regarding by many coaches as the biggest challenge for volunteer coaches. This clips provides a summary of the main points

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Every time we can do some contact we make sure we do a warm-up. Okay, the danger is as a lot of injuries around contact and it's really important that tackle technique is practiced probably two to three times every week almost every session. You should be doing ten minutes five minutes of tackle technique. Okay. Now the England players Scotland players the world's players all the Premiership players these guys when we go and see if you went to see them trained they do tackle technique as we are doing they don't do anything different. They do the very simple things, but they do them very very well and England's defense is absolutely fantastic because they focused on it. They did a lot of work. So rather than tackling becoming something that you might not want to do. It should be something that you look forward to and relish but the important thing like the handling and the running we're going to technique right?