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Tackle Technique Summary

Basic tackle technique is essential to rugby players of all ages and standards.

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Rugby is a physical game. No matter how big fast or powerful players. Their effectiveness is a tackle. It is all down to basic technique as a fundamental skill and Rugby Union correct tackling technique should be taught. Well and in detail at an early age take time to revisit tackling, especially with young players and always make sure new starters are given a chance to learn the basics start with a good upper body warm up there involve some wrestling. It's important for players to become familiar with close physical contact. Exactly on the knees is a good introduction and allows players to concentrate on that upper body technique such as their shoulder and head position cheek to cheek and to wrap around the arms. Then they can practice their footwork and moving in close to the tackle. There are a variety of games. You can play that require one-on-one tackling. This helps place to put techniques into a more realistic situation where they can still concentrate on just the tackle. You can find a complete session plan on developing tackle technique on our CD. This is available with free membership and can be found at coaching plans youth sessions and the fence. Present never too old to revisit the tackle technique and these Jewels can be applied to all age groups.