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Develop Confidence For Tackling

Developing confidence in and around the tackle is very important when starting to teach tackle techniques. This clip provides a few ideas that you could use in your sessions

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Okay, so if we come onto the tackle, so again regressing right back. So for me the first stage is actually for younger players is giving them confidence around the floor. Okay, what we're going to do they're going to wrestle so Terry you're going to try and wrestle to get to the floor this side Tim. You're trying to go to that side ready go got a sale to each other. Come on get him down. Look at that competition Rah. Hey, perfect. Good good. He said he'd push them to the side good. Okay, I'll be got guys so fun bit of competition. What was really interesting actually was that you didn't stick a hand out? Nice. Nice. Nice or okay, Robert come up again. Just one thing you there when we going to ground want to keep our arms. Mm. Okay, so rep hard because we don't want to get out there and maybe have injuries and shoulders. So make sure we keep our arms. So you want to get them a bit tighter, so they're really in gripped and they wrestle and as you go down you stay gripped and absolutely you could just come down your shoulder and it gets them used to coming down on the shoulder without using arms so you can do this just with one on one so that Terry makes a tackle on is it Tim? So cherien, you know, Terry makes a tackle then Tim you make the tackle what we're looking for from a technical point of view is cheek on cheek. So this is about getting your head in right position and building that confidence that you can get your head in the right position. Okay. So what do we tackle with? First off shoulders. So this is about getting your shoulder in. Okay, what's the next process? So it's shoulder wrap. Get your head in the right position for your head by default. If you get your shoulder in and wrap your head by default will follow that through. Okay, so you actually don't consciously have to go. I've got to put my head in that position because if you do then shoulder in rap and follow through or drive, okay, or some people call Chase your feet. Ok to complete the tackle. Okay, so it's like there's a term called Ring Of Steel. So you form the Ring Of Steel and then you follow that through to fell the tree. Okay, your head will naturally fall the right side. So with this exercise Terry's cheek will fall on Tim's bumpty when he tackles. So Terry, all I'm asking you to do is make a tackle on Tim and complete it good up we get Okay. So what I'm what I would do next Tim I could I so I could give Tim a ball. I could give marker balls actually take a ball So that obviously the skill for you guys just to make sure you're looking after the ball when you've been tackled tackle with what the kids try and Tackle with. Hands, yeah hands and arms out. Okay. So what I could do is I could get a pair of socks and put them on Terry's hands. So the Terry's not allowed to use his hands. I could give him two tennis balls. So then he can't actually work with her. So tell me this time and I'll show you make three tackles Mark first backup, Tim and Mark again. Ready go up. I'm not lost one. Great. Okay contact with your shoulder rep with your arms good placement ahead up you get and then same again to your left. So we practice both sides good up again, and we're going to do that for 10 seconds and see how many tackles he can do. Cool. All right, Robert. Okay on your marks. See it. Good good, man. Get the shoulder in here hard against the thigh rep with your arms. Good rap squeeze them together two seconds left squeeze with your arms and stop. Well Doug could be you could make that competitive. You could time them. It's give people confidence. So again it how many times they hitting the floor. They're hitting the floor getting back up again hitting the floor getting back up again. And yeah, so if you don't put some cones so all it does. It just stops. It's It's the player using their hands to grip and if you if you if you do that regularly and consistently players will gradually learn that they don't tackle with our hands because if you allow them to tackle their hands they will do they'll naturally try and default to it. Obviously praise is a very important thing. So I think L might have mentioned it but how we coach always let's make sure that we praise everything and that if we're going to be critical but the criticism the critique should come from the individual. So Terry, how did you feel that went with there any things you could have done a bit better? And then the likelihood is Terry will probably if I prompt him with the right questions come up with. Yes. I actually didn't quite finish that one off Etc. Rather than me going Terry that was rubbish. You didn't use your shoulder in the right position. He doesn't feel particularly good about it. So it's about confidence all the time. And it doesn't matter what level you're coaching with your coaching seniors under eight stenz 12 doesn't matter give them confidence.