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Attacking Lines: Unders and Overs

Using different angles of running confuses tacklers and pulls a defensive unit out of line. Learning the skills to both run these lines and pass the ball accurately is key to any ambitious team looking to attack and offload

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Okay, if we look at Jacobs line here as I came out as a Defender, where's Jacobs line? Okay, he's coming towards me because if we if we bring this into the wider context of a game if I'm a Defender and I've Bitten on this attacker here the space is here where I've just left. Okay. I've just come out the lines make my tackle and I've left this space here. So we want to put Jacob through that Gap and that's where he runs off his line and comes through here. Okay. Lots of us are just running down the tram lines, which is fine for this drill. Okay, but if you've got a defensive line in front of us, we need to be changing our lines and asking questions of them, which is a perfect without script introduction into the next part because what's going to happen now is if Mike and I defending we're going to work to d-fenders now watch droplet to my right to attack us. Okay. Now if Mike is made the past there, I'm either going to be in here tight or I'm going to be out here right on the end. I'm going to be a bit dumb, which I know it's difficult. But we want to see you working a change of line. Now. If I'm defending in here with my partner what sort of bored you think you're going to want to pass to him. Yeah, you got to put what we call a Nova's line. So he goes away with the pass into the spaces. If I'm defending here out wide what sort of lines you think he wants to take which is just that what Mike was talking about there a tighter line if he runs a tighter line where you're going to take that Defender take him away from where you going to make the pass good light. You're going to drag him out. I'm going to stay here and we're going to drop in you go there. Okay, and if you can we drop in now we go tight. Which one are you going to cool now? Good lad. Okay. So we're in here. We defending pushing wide push him across. Okay, not bad. The important thing is it's the one occasion when we don't take the ball early on that overs line. We let the ball go across our body and then we Chase around so we keep them the defense honest. So can we work our twos now? And the second Defender sometimes tight sometimes wide make the support player talk. We got the idea. Come take a look take a look good. Excellent line. Well done good. That's it. But we go to the fenders. I'll be going good right on I lucky. Okay. Just hold it up there a little bit. Receive I told you depth of it. Yeah, if you're receiving the ball hit up good right on excellent. Good. Excellent ball. Well done. Good line right on that's it. Two. Defenders are nice and tight just tight. Excellent. Well done. Holy depth. Well, there's good depth. Don't worry. Oh great cool. They're well done accelerate onto the ball on the understand overs accelerate on right talk. Oh, I could let you understand the understan overs. You understand what we mean. And this is when you come in tight over here depends on where the defense are. So you come in tight. Now you come out to here give it to him. I could posit you ready. You got to make the call on where he is if he's in here what you're going to call. Over here and if he's out here where you where you going to call? Okay, you stay here. You stay here. Okay, go wider make the pass. Okay. You're cool. You're cool. Okay, good luck. You get even tighter on that one. We should put you right through the holes you see ya. Okay, so you've now got a call haven't you jack? Yeah, you're going to be tight on your good leg. Okay off you go. Well done. Yeah. Well done a bit louder get these cures going nice and loud. Oh well done Sam past too late. I think is massively important that the boys see the relationship between what you're doing in your practice to what how it is applied in the game. So it's a is that the game or modified game? And then it's the practice it is not a drill because the drill can be completely disassociated to what's going to happen in the game and the players if you're not careful have that mentality.