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Ball Retention Techniques

Progressions are used to build the technical competency and the confidence of players learning to clear defenders away from the contact area. It is interesting to see that no contact shields are used

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If I just give you the ball and you just went into Hamish there go to floor bang go to ground. What's Hamishgoing to do is just going to nick the ball. Body angles, you mentioned are critical. Alright, so make sure you get underneath this guy. So you're really working in back and get that leg pump. You can't go to floor don't come in and start playing around with a ball. That's that's a danger to the team. Take this man out. Okay, and then someone else will be in behind it to Jackal over we're going to do some jackals. Now. What I want to you to do is as follows across this line here ones on the shorts. All right, just spread out a little bit so I can you can come through the middle and just going to pump your legs for about five or six Paces. Let's go 1 2 3 4 5 and then you're down and I want you presenting the ball long this way. Okay. I'm as a tackler right with then what I want you to go down the floor. Yes back and round and over onto the ball got it. Yeah, nice and quick but I want you up and down off the floor right off you go pump away Mike. One, two, three. Down, go long up and down on the floor Joe. You gotta go down as well Sean. The guy is really resisting here as soon as he goes to floor. I want you down as well as if you just tackled him on the floor. So you go down and then we're going to bounce back up your task is to get back on your feet as quick as you can up and down quickly back around on him and Jackal over good good good well done. Pump away good strong position. That's excellent. Mike. Well done. Good good and good. Yeah. I do a few more. Get over nice strong position get those who get back in there. Get back in there get over again. You gotta get those hips down sink as low as you can there, right good. Now I want here. Off you get I want your legs back here. You're going to be the strong position here. All right, you can bounce back up from there and then pick it up. Why don't you write up here like this? You're too big a Target. Okay. All right. Let's go off you go. Last couple fellas good good good. Well done, but with was all rugby players, I think progressions are a very important if you jump straight into the final skill and throw about five key points at them. They probably won't get there. But if you do it in stages then I think that he's the learning and make it a bit easier for them to for it to stick with them for longer right I'm coming now. Is it as the attacking player Defender and whatever I've got to get this play right any ideas on how we can get them out. We could smash him out the way all sorts of things with Oli Oli little backs coming up here. You think a little backs gonna be able to smash him out of there? No, so what would you do to get him out figures arms out you could try but he's quite a strong book from like one of the other things you can do fellas is just roll him out. All right over here in here. Nice strong grip on him and just fall away with it leaving for someone else. Yeah. Okay. So we'll have one in your groups of four one's going to go you're going to set that position up. The third one is going to come and roll away fourth one pick up the ball and ready to go again. Get over the pool. So strong rolling out. Good. Good. Good. Get back in there and Tom nice and strong. Yeah, I don't want you. I want you to roll in him. Yeah. Yeah under that's all right. I didn't go under no, you don't want to go under him you ought to go on top of him. I'm just trying to show you one technique. There's are other techniques, but some of them are going to take an enormous strength to get some big guys in there. Just trying to get you a simple one. You can just roll the guy away. Let's have a look at that again off you go then another look at dangling as down comes in his body goes on top of here and then we'll just roll them away. He's on the floor as well. And as the end up they both end up on the floor and we've cleared the situation for the next guy. That's good. That's good. That's good. Well done. It's lots of different techniques fellows are clearing and everything else. It just depends what the setup is when you arrive and also depends on that who you're trying to clear out because there could be a big mismatch. All right. So just try I'm just trying to give you a technique there that will just clear the area ready for someone else to come in and drive over the top.