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London Irish - Tackling With Matts

An interesting approach to improving your tackling, using crash matts? Declan Danaher the defence coach at Irish uses a variety of equipment but says "Using matts has revolutionised our defence"

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How do we maximize the contact time how do we look after the players and using matz's I suppose revolutionized it for us, you know, do you think that would apply to you know, when they start tackling it under nine ten eleven twelve Junior? Yeah. I think it would if you introduced it then they can have fun. They can mess around, you know, every kid loves jumping on the trampoline or jumping on the map and things like that and having a little vessel with his mates. And I know when you're that age kids love contact, which is great, but it's how do you how do you doing a controlled manner that it's potentially enjoyable come January February March. Just wanted to collisions must big part of what we do here. We are defensive system is about when the Collision so between that that confrontation. Between the ball carrier and the tackler and obviously doing bone on bone every week. It takes its toll from the players the physios don't like it. So we really wanna how do we maximize the contact time? How do we look after the players and using Maps as really revved? I suppose revolutionized it for us, you know, I think if you've ever got access to indoor spaces so Matt's gymnasiums Halls, it's real good easy way to do some do some close contact training and actually take the the real Collision out of it.