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How To Use Match Footage To Coach

British Lions Analyst Andy Keast provides some tips on how to use match footage to gain a coaching edge. In this clip we look at line out possession

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Yeah, we've never done it before no one's done it so we thought what we do is just try and open it up a couple of weeks ago harlequins played Irish in the European quarter finals. And so we use that as the base. So we've analyzed that to look at what happened in that game. And obviously today we're playing harlequins again, so it gives us a module to look at and discuss issues and the idea with coaching is just to these open forums sit and discuss and and if we pick up two or three things in the day, we've we've enjoyed the day the line out some sales. I think the Irish have done their homework this week from what we saw previously today. They've taken a lot of good ball at the front and the tail, you know, I think we all watch games but there's in a room of 15 coaches. There will be 15 different perceptions of what's actually happening on the game. And that's what nice we can open up ideas and look at what the elite teams are doing and whether it's an under seven scale. Racine you coach it's about it's about the development of individuals. And obviously with that is knowledge and the more knowledge we get as coaches the more we can pass on to the Grass Roots, but the good thing about rugby we're all different and we all see things in totally different ways. So we're going to be really open and talk about things because you're going to watch that same fixture or not the same fixed because that was a few weeks ago the same two teams playing again and it would be interesting for what we see today. Whether we see Annie themes come from this that happen again out there. It's not a criticism against London Irish. It's not a criticism against harlequins because as coaches what we have to do if we're going to analyze any game of rugby there has to be critics within it but it's about as I said, we'll have different opinions, but it's about what we do from those points that we're picking up and how we develop them in the game. Okay, anyone got any comments, just on that first picture first first Irish line it. Good anything else? Scrub off of queens or receiver is a forward. Looking at the receiver of Irish. So they're the type of things that first line out of the game. They set their stores and attacking line out again something to think about what was strange about that possibly? You made the point. You made the point saying what space space was the front. So what do Irish do there? Where do they where do they eventually throw the ball? Pretty much the same places where the spaces so on a coaching scenario what could what could be more efficient quicker? Because you said it Avenue. You said the spaces at the front front both? Yeah. So on a coat on a coaching scenario that if we got a situation and just remember this will keep this in the memory bank, but you hit it straight in the head the spaces at the front. So the first line out of the game, you know, the hook is jittery. Okay. We're in an attacking everyone's a bit jittery. So straight up we know but then you've got to say to yourself. Is that a good position for the Irish receiver to be in? Because what is he telling harlequins there? It's about the first row in the game. And this is what we got at. This is what we got to understand two youngsters seniors as well. This is a senior game, you know, this guy here you'd hope could jump as well. Yeah, that's easy ball its front ball. It's from ball is quick ball. It's easy ball because if we play it again and just look at the complication of movement movement is good at times but we have movement and we come back to the same area. So what is it actually done for harlequins it let them read it and it's given them a chance to react as knit. So again, just put that in the memory bank going forward but lineouts is a key for for me how we can win this game. What we saw was a variation when the front was on they use the front which then opened up that back and they use a back so they did good variation and they got a lot from it.