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Blitz & Drift Defence Drills

This video takes you through the basics of both blitz and drift defences and provides great drill ideas.

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I'm not trying to be prescriptive here and say one is better than the other you're all at schools. You're all at different clubs. All right, and they may be doing different systems. You need to be aware of the two different systems because there's different requirements. Push push my ball my ball my ball drop in one guard just one guard here. That's it. That's good. Wait, wait wait. Okay, good stuff. Well done. What's important about bullets defense? Everyone's got to do it good. Otherwise, you get doglegs. Yeah, and it what about that line speed it's got to be fast. All right, you've got you've got the advantage of numbers. So you're coming out to in back onto the guy line speed is crucial right one-on-one. You do guys. You're going to collect a pass. Like these guys are going to work adrift offense. I'll see you in five. You pass the ball right to the wingman. Okay, when you get it, I'm going to be positioned Over The Far Side you give me the ball and you line up ready to come back again when we come back when they get to The Far Side. I want all you guys drop it into a defensive line. You're going to have to defend the rock is well, so I want a guard on the far side of the rock or the guard inside and a bodyguard because we got a situation here where these guys are outnumbered. They can only do a drift defense. So you just need to be tight on his inside shoulder and you need to be on his inside shoulder when we get to the Fireside and come back again. We're gonna have a different defensive structure. So we'll have a look at it and talk about it hands hands hands and hands good. Give me the ball. Good get back in position one down the blitz get on the plates line. Really Blitz them. Get into and well done. Well done. Well done. What was going to be coming on a blitz back on tearing here? Okay, I can actually stand in quite wide of him. Yeah, so I come right back onto him he in here and no in the knowledge that everyone's doing the same. They're all coming back onto this angle this got popular Sean Edwards really started really but introducing it because they worked out in with As well, they worked out the bull by the time the ball is passed from one to two probably to outside Center this guy outside Center if he gets his line speed really full-on can actually get to this guy before the pass comes in terms of timing. Yeah. It's almost impossible to get it further on but you need to be quite Brave. And get off the line and get back at him quickly if you get there early if you get there early right? Sometimes you will a bit wider if you get there early don't stop here get in the Gap in between that's where the interceptions will come with a drift defense. You're basically like you were on those one-on-ones like Gus was saying actually offering the outside. So when the first two guys are coming across here, you're awful in that outside. Let them go trying. Origin to actually push the ball out there so that you can drift with them. Yeah, so you're not so aggressive in the line speed is shown in that space. Yeah, it's just showing him the outside. That's what we want to say. Good. Well done. Two hands. Keep it going, please. Push it up. Don't cut across that's good. Get side on presenting with their let him go equally. Oh fellas. You also need to be in a tackle in position the ones when you're coming from here, so as you're moving up your footwork smaller, but you're also sink in here and you run it you're not going to just run up at him and tackling like that because it won't really make a tackle. So I want to see the body position. There was some very good ones there go for the corner push. Okay, that's fine. Good luck. Well done Sean when he gets the past you're pushing on to number two. Okay, you make that they should score. Okay, that's fine. Make sure you stay with number one first. Push it early. Well done, push it early. Good. Well done. Push it early. Good push stay inside him stay inside him. You should within the game be able to drop from one defensive system one type of Defense Blitz to drift and you need to make sure you're communicating all that all the time. What we're going to do now is go into a game and it's going to be drop off touch. All right. So if the Reds touch one of the blacks if it was you gasps touched him you drop out of the game. Talk that you go. Go. Go go go. touch one of you out touch aren't you go Mike. Come on YouTube defend us. Okay.