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Drift Or Blitz Game

The defence have to choose whether to blitz or drift based on the number of attacking players sent out. Tries should only ever be scored out wide!

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Okay with this will work. Rich can I borrow you? two coaches I'm sure you all have an assistant working with your groups or nominate someone who's injured can do it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 and the other six with me. Okay, it's you're defending Richard. You're the defense coach, right? So what will happen is coming coming to your coach and you going to whisper and number of players between one and we just put on my movements with just three one and you send out either one or two players or three players? Yeah to defend. You won't know what I've sent and we don't know what you will have sent and they just got to read it. So the this brings in the decision-making about do we Blitz do we hover for what will happen is I'm going to tell you a number one, two, three, four, whatever and that's the number of attackers. You will go out the grid. I'm not going to 3 3 3 Go Go Go. Whoo, so that's good. Well, oh, yeah. Welcoming my God help line ready ready to go to any to two-on-two. Good line. Good line. Okay, that's a good one to stop and examine. Just Freddie two-on-two. Why was he able to get the whole are who wasn't Square? Whoo. Yeah also, so who's on the board? There was a first offender was there and if you sit back here where the space yeah, which is exactly what his Pace. Yeah. So, yeah, so if we get to beautifully demonstrated, so if we if we come okay if Stay together. Yeah, you'll play walk you through whole hold. Yeah, and that if he runs around you there's nothing you can do if it's that quick you say good luck. Yeah, but nothing comes out in the middle of us. Okay, I will go for go. Good day. Good day. You see I'm a soon as he's talked. He said I can the middle. Yeah, and then some people knew where they were. So again did the numbers imagine you've got ordinary Squad of a 2010 10. I just ran it through three you can do with the space. You're going to put five on through five attackers three Defenders and now they're both teams having to think from your tack, but also defensively are we organized? We don't know always what whether we going to be able to Blitz or hover or drift or whatever. Yeah. So now we have to communicate make that decision and then get that can stay with me. Stay with me stay in the push him push him or whatever. We've got them as five of us is only through and let's go bits.